scott tiptonIt looks like the Democrats have found a sacrificial lamb candidate on the Western Slope to challenge Rep. Scott Tipton for his congressional seat.

Steve Sheldon, a veterinarian in Gypsum, has decided to set aside his pet column in the Vail Daily to pursue the lofty goal of winning his party’s nomination in the next couple of weeks, unchallenged.

Sheldon has strong feelings about working with Republicans to reach compromise in Washington to pass legislation.

“If I hear the term ‘working across the aisle’ one more time I may puke,” he said. “There is no aisle as far as I am concerned. We all want what is best for us and our country.”

And he says legislative experience is no longer needed for higher office because voters want outsiders.

We need look no farther than the Democratic presidential contenders to see where Sheldon got that idea — from Republicans.

To be blunt, Congress is a completely different animal than the presidency. There are aisles through the House chambers — Democrats sit on one side, Republicans on the other.

It’s not one big happy bouncy house where everyone plays together nicely, anyone with five minutes of experience in that town can tell you that.

Sheldon’s inexperienced and uninformed views might be just what Democrats in the 3rd Congressional District want, but Republicans will stick with Tipton’s proven record as a lawmaker, and with him as our congressman.