GOP-logoDelegates to the State Assembly or any of the seven Congressional Assemblies are on fire marketing to would-be delegate voters for the chance to pick the Republican Party’s next presidential candidate. Some are launching aggressive social media campaigns, some are using robo-calls, and others are making videos throwing their spouses under the bus for supporting Trump.  The Cruz campaign even has an official slate.

 We thought it would be helpful to unpack how many and when the 37 delegates to the national convention are selected by their fellow Republicans. Here is the breakdown.
  • Three: Three delegates are party leadership, meaning state GOP Chairman Steve House and the National Committeeman and Committeewoman from Colorado are automatically delegates to the national convention.
  • 21: Then, there are three delegates from each of the seven Congressional Districts elected to the national convention. The Congressional District assemblies happen at various times throughout the next week or so. Six delegates will be elected at the First and Sixth Congressional Assemblies tomorrow. The remaining 15 delegates from Congressional District Assemblies will be elected next Friday, April 8, at Districts Two, Three, Four, Five, and Seven Assemblies.
  • 13: Finally, 13 are elected via the State Assembly on April 9th.

And so it comes down to this, a representative government in which 37 delegates from Colorado will determine who is on the GOP ticket come November. No pressure, delegates, but eyes across the country are on you. Choose wisely.