Hillary Rodham ClintonInteresting timing, no doubt, that Hillary Clinton’s announcement last night she would name her running mate before the convention coincides with a press release from U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet that he is holding a press conference at 10:30 a.m. today at the Capitol for an important announcement of his own.

Can anyone say “running mate?”

We’ve been hearing from sources all week that Bennet is done with Colorado and packing up to move his temporary home in the state to live in D.C. full time. We presumed it was for a lobbying job, but that was before Hillary’s announcement.

CNN is already running with the story that Bennet is pulling out of the Senate race, which leaves only one possible scenario.

The timing of these two announcements has us convinced that Bennet will be the Veep pick and he’s planning to hit the campaign trail for Hillary in New York for the April 19 primary where his brother is the new editorial page editor at the New York Times, and Bernie Sanders is ahead because it really is his home state.

We have our spies preparing to go to the press conference, so stay tuned!