Embattled incumbent U.S. Senator Michael Bennet must be shaking in his Gucci loafers about his upcoming election because he recently released his first commercial. It features…cows…and beer….  Initially, we thought perhaps Bennet was taking a page from Governor Hickenlooper’s campaign by focusing on beer. Instead, he glommed on to an esoteric “problem” he solved that enabled beer remnants to be fed to cows.

Look he solved one problem! Too bad he voted for Obamacare and created a thousand more.

Here’s a link to the ad because there is no word as to when or where this ad might run.

We appreciate Bennet’s attempt to be folksy – look he helped those folks drink beer…or something. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that Michael Bennet is a third-generation “civil servant” (aka bureaucrat) who was born with a silver spoon, went to the best schools, and received the best East Coast liberal indoctrination that money could buy.

And let’s be honest, Michael Bennet is just not a farm-hand type. He looked so awkward standing in that pile of poop trying to bond with cows.

That’s why when we watched Bennet’s commercial, another famous commercial came to mind.

Michael Bennet is running to continue representation of East Coast liberals in Washington, D.C. He voted with Obama 100% of the time some years. If he’s voting that often for Obama’s agenda, there’s no way that he’s representing Colorado.

Get a rope.