GOP-logoLast night, the Seventh Congressional District held its Assembly to nominate a Republican candidate to take on Democrat Ed Perlmutter, but also to elect delegates to the national convention.

George Athanasopoulos will be the Republican nominee in CD7.

Assembly-goers also elected three delegates and three alternates to the national convention. The three delegates are:

  • Anil Mathai, Adams County Republican Chair
  • Athanasopoulos
  • Jefferson County Commissioner and former Minority Leader Libby Szabo

The three alternates are:

  • Daniel Green
  • Former Congressional candidate Don Ytterberg
  • Carter Mateer

The first two delegates are technically unpledged, but Cruz people are claiming them anyway. Szabo is pledged to Cruz.

These three delegates join the first group of delegates elected last Saturday at the 1st and 6th Congressional Assemblies. The remaining 12 Congressional Assembly delegates will be elected today at CD2, CD3, CD4, and CD5 assemblies.