Comm Darryl Glenn photo for web 450At today’s Colorado Republican Convention, air force veteran Darryl Glenn was the only GOP candidate to make the Republican U.S. Senate ballot, upsetting state Sen. Tim Neville, who many thought had it in the bag.

In response to the upset, Team Neville indicated that they were surprised, but respected the wishes of the people.

According to the GOP, Glenn took the top line with 2,664 votes to Neville’s 696, Littleton’s 219, and Natividad’s 193 votes. All others took fewer than 100 votes.

Glenn gave an enormous speech, which likely shifted dramatically the dynamics of the convention.

There are four candidates petitioning on the ballot – Jon Keyser, Ryan Frazier, Jack Graham, and Robert Blaha. The Secretary of State has yet to deem their signatures sufficient.