A Google search of the “San Juan Citizens Alliance” and “Durango Herald” returns more than 7,800 hits, which is only important if one considers this:

To be fair, the paper disclosed Megan Graham’s obscene conflict of interest when they announced her hiring in 2011.

… She has served as executive director of the San Juan Citizens Alliance, where she gained in-depth, personal experience with public policy and the processes by which it is shaped and implemented. That, together with the attendant exposure to the nonprofit world, should prove invaluable to the Herald and readers alike.

What they forgot to mention, is that she has experience as an environmental activist with an agenda, and they gave her the power to use that agenda to drive their opinion page.

They also neglected to refresh our memory in recent months, that the person in charge of their editorial page who used to work for an environmental group that advocated for an EPA Superfund cleanup in Silverton, is now writing editorials that advocate for that cleanup.

And, one need to only peruse the latest headlines of the Herald’s in-house editorials to see that it remains heavily influenced by the agenda of her former employers, which includes the Colorado Environmental Coalition.

Clean air: State Senate’s partisan grandstanding based soley on opposition to Obama

Industry should notify local governments of planned wells

Hickenlooper urges governors to embrace Gold King lessons

Considering the amount of ink the Herald uses to inform readers on environmental issues, one would think that would disqualify an environmental activist from employment there. Now that we have been reminded of Graham’s conflict of interest, we’ll be paying a lot more attention to the Herald’s in-house editorials.