Queen DeGette feature picCharles Norris, who has none of the pizazz of the like-named Hollywood actor Chuck Norris, has one thing going for him in his Democratic challenge for Diana DeGette’s congressional seat — he feels the Bern.

And so it appears do his supporters, who helped put him on the ballot last weekend for the first primary challenge Queen DeGette has faced in nearly two decades.

The mainstream media appears to be ignoring Norris’s success at the 1st Congressional District assembly Saturday, which one Bernie supporter says Norris won with 37 percent support. By Norris’s math, he received the support of 3 out of 8 attendees.

According to Norris, he’s going to challenge DeGette on more than just her refusal to support Bernie Sanders at the Democratic convention, despite Sanders having won the Colorado primary.

Apparently, she’s also not doing enough to save Planet Denver from climate change, eliminate corporate personhood and campaign contributions, killing Obamacare in favor of universal healthcare, and reweaving the American fabric using non synthetic fibers into something warm and fuzzy.

But check out Norris’s acceptance speech, we think the sudden emergence of a campaign foe against DeGette has nothing to do with his platform and everything to do with the fact that Americans, both Democrat and Republican, are tired of professional politicians who spend a lifetime in D.C. doing absolutely nothing.