So you're saying that all my community organizing in Colorado was for nothing?

The Colorado Democratic Party has been keeping a significant secret from the Bernie Sanders campaign — he has a chance to win the primary he won by just one delegate vote.

It turns out that the Colorado Democrats are bad at math, or crooked, and “misreported” caucus reports from 10 different locations, the Denver Post uncovered and reported.

The upshot is that Sanders won one more delegate than originally thought, which means:

If he lands one Colorado superdelegate — two are still undecided and others are facing significant pressure — Sanders could win the state’s delegation.

Here’s where it gets super sneaky. It appears that when the Post uncovered the error, the paper reached out to party officials. Instead of letting Sanders know he had a chance to win and should hightail it back to Colorado to secure one more delegate, the Colorado Democratic Party instead chose to inform Hillary that she was losing.

Sanders’s campaign didn’t even find out about the March 1 mistake until the Post reached out to them Monday night.

Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio called the mistake “an embarrassment” and blamed it on a “little weirdness.”

Asked why he neglected to inform the Sanders campaign, Palacio said the mistake only affected Hillary’s campaign.

Colorado Democrats are already steaming mad over the fact that Sanders won the popular vote in the primary, and that their wishes are being completely ignored by super delegates like Gov. Hickenlooper, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, and Reps. Diana DeGette and Jared Polis who insist on supporting Clinton.

Now that it turns out the Democratic Party almost robbed Sanders of a super win, we expect to see a nasty backlash upon party leaders and more pressure on the super delegates to support their electorate.