womens issue second amendmentYesterday, the Colorado State Senate passed a bill to repeal the magazine ban legislation that was passed and signed into law by Governor Hickenlooper in 2013.

This law, part of a slate of gun control legislation that ultimately cost three Democratic state senators their jobs, restricted the sale of magazines that had a capacity greater than 15 rounds. In addition to the electoral fall out of this legislation, Colorado also lost the firearms accessory and technology company Magpul to Texas.

The next stop for SB 16-113 will be the Colorado House of Representatives, where the Democrats hold a three seat majority.  This bill is almost certain to die in the House, but once again, Democrat lawmakers will be given the opportunity to right the wrong that was committed back in 2013. And two of their brethren supported the bill in the Senate.

Poorly written and unenforceable, we are unaware of a single person that has been convicted under this misguided law.  Many people seeking non-compliant magazines simply purchase magazine kits, or buy their magazines in Wyoming, where they are legal.

Perhaps the House will consider doing the will of the people and passing this bill since there was bipartisan support in the Senate.  Nah. Just kidding. It’s been sent to the House Kill Committee.