democratBernie Sanders’ big win with 41 delegates over the weekend demonstrates which Democratic presidential candidate is the grassroots favorite (it’s not Hillary). Sanders has, basically, won Colorado. This win comes on the heels of Sanders winning straw polls across the state as well. If the Democratic base wants Bernie, why are elected officials committed to voting for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention?

Isn’t this just a big middle finger to the activists, who helped hoist these elected officials into their exalted spots? Here is a partial list of elected officials who are supporting Hillary Clinton despite the clear preference from the Democratic base for Sanders:

  • Governor John Hickenlooper
  • Denver Mayor Michael Hancock
  • Sen. Michael Bennet
  • Rep. Diana Degette
  • Rep. Jared Polis
  • Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb
  • Rep. Ed Perlmutter

If the Democratic Party is supposed to be for the people, why won’t its leaders listen to its flock? Perhaps Democrats’ mascot is more appropriate than we ever thought. Hee haw!