womens issue second amendmentToday, the Colorado State Senate voted to get rid of a dangerous law that would forbid the sale of firearms during a state of emergency – you know, when you actually need to protect your family the most. The bill, SB16-176, is co-sponsored by the Nevilles; that’s Rep. Pat in the House and Sen. Tim in the Senate.

Compass Colorado executive director Kelly Maher praised the Senate’s move, saying:

“It’s pretty remarkable that current Colorado law allows the government to ban the sale of firearms in the event of a state of emergency. As a matter of practicality, one might consider a state of emergency as the most appropriate time to have the right to defend one’s family and property.

“The Constitutionality of the current law is sketchy, at best. Does a state government have the ability to revoke the Bill of Rights at its discretion? I would certainly hope not, and I appreciate the Colorado Senate for standing up to yet another potential government power grab.”

We have no doubt the people of Colorado would approve. It’s too bad Democrats in the State House doesn’t care what the people of Colorado think or want. It’s likely headed to the Hosue kill committee. That’s ok. There’s always November.