GrahamThis morning, the Secretary of State approved 12,891 of the 22,786 signatures that Jack Graham submitted to make the ballot. The threshold for making the ballot is 10,500, which must come in the form of 2,500 valid signatures in each of Colorado’s Congressional Districts (we have seven, for those of you who are math challenged or partaking in 4/20 already). Here is what Graham said about the green light:

“Ginger and I are grateful for all the help and support so many Coloradans volunteered in our successful quest to petition onto the primary ballot. We look forward to the primary election campaign and making our case to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate.”

Graham joins The Preacher, U.S. Senate Candidate Darryl Glenn, who was the only candidate to make it through the assembly process. Glenn received a whopping 70 percent of the vote at the state convention after a rousing speech.  The Secretary of State continues to evaluate the signatures submitted by fellow U.S. Senate candidates Jon Keyser, Robert Blaha, and Ryan Frazier.