Pat Waak is shocked, shocked to discover a lack of civil discourse in her treasured Democratic Party.

The former state Democratic chairman takes her party to task, not in a local left-leaning newspaper where fellow Colorado Democrats can face their shame, but in the leftist of left Huffington Post website. That way, Hillary is more likely to see the explanation of why she lost here — because of mean people who support her opponent.

Followers of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Waak informs us, are “some of the rudest, most disrespectful people you could have encountered.”

Their freedom of speech during U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s presentation was “disgraceful” and not in a proclaimed safe zone, but instead during a political event where Democrats should be seen and not heard.

Having studied fastidiously the Democrat art of “words matter,” some Sanders supporters have also been sending threatening letters and emails to their fellow Democrats for daring to disagree with them politically and support Hillary over Sanders. Waak says they’ve been “instructed” to apply pressure on super delegates.

What is going on? One friend says that these are “Occupy Wall Street” activists who were let down. Another said that the disrespectful way candidates talk to each other in debates has set a sad example for young people. She blames television. Still another blames the media. Reporters want to get “juicy” stories so they display the worst aspects of politics.

Everyone is at fault, it seems, except for the actual politician that many in the party refuse to support.

Interestingly, Waak goes on to suggest that perhaps the super delegate system isn’t working very well, and perhaps the national party should think about restructuring — which is exactly what all those Sanders supporters were screaming about.

Sounds like all that freedom of speech stuff that went on last weekend worked after all, and without being in a self-proclaimed safe space.