RichU.S. Senator Michael Bennet supports making it harder for the middle class to buy houses, at least that’s how we read this excerpt from the Daily Sentinel about Senate passage this week of an energy bill.

A Bennet-backed measure included in the bill would allow mortgage lenders to consider the energy efficiency of the house and expected monthly energy bills when determining the borrower’s ability to afford monthly mortgage payments.

This may come as a shock to Moneybags Bennet, but not everyone can afford to buy a brand new house with the latest and greatest new energy-saving gadgets.

Some of us slum in older homes, with ancient appliances.

The measure also begs the question, if lenders take utility bills into consideration when approving mortgages, does that mean high energy costs can kill our changes to actually get a mortgage?

We ask, because Democrats are so determined to kill the coal industry that powers our electricity thereby raising costs, and push us onto alternative fuels such as solar, which costs even more.

The bill also included pro-fracking language backed by Bennet, an interesting vote since he was booed by his natural gas-hating Democratic base at their convention last week. That language would speed permits to allow for exporting natural gas to other nations with which we don’t have free-trade agreements.

Bennet has also been taking credit for language that would finally pay back Colorado for the money we loaned the federal government during the 2013 shutdown to keep Rocky Mountain National Park open.

As we recall, that was U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s idea, one of the first bills he introduced after being elected.