Candidate-on-life-support Sen. Michael Bennet surprised some politicos last week by coming out against ColoradoCare, $25 billion government-run healthcare in Colorado. Have no fear, fair Democrats, Sen. Bennet is not adopting a Koch habit. He’s just being politically opportunistic. With the entire Democratic business community coming out against Amendment 69, it’s really no wonder that Bennet is running screaming from this boondoggle.

But Sen. Bennet cannot run away from his record of endorsing and supporting publicly-funded healthcare. Here’s just one instance in which Bennet actually called for a public option in a 2011 op-ed in Huffington Post:

“I’ve been a strong advocate for a public option since we were just starting the health care reform debate this summer in the Senate.”

So what’s changed? Voter and donor sentiment, it would appear. Well, not all voter sentiment. We have to guess that Bernie Sanders’ supporters, which comprise the Democratic greassroots and who boo’d Bennet off stage,  will not be thrilled with this new development. Or as Compas Colorado executive director, Kelly Maher told the Colorado Independent:

“On the other hand, as Denver conservative commentator Kelly Maher of the group Compass Colorado said in a statement today, Bennet, a superdelegate who supports Hillary Clinton, might have to ‘withstand the wrath of grassroots Democrats who are already upset with him for opposing their choice for president, Bernie Sanders.'”

It might not be just Hillary Clinton who is Feeling the Bern, but also Bennet. While Bennet does not have a primary, he does have a Green Party opponent who could siphon votes during a general election. And this is no ordinary minor party opponent. He has hip hop…and he’s basically running on Bernie’s platform, including single payer.

Arn Menconi

And Democrats are beginning to take notice of Menconi – some are even viewing him as a viable alternative to Bennet.

Oh, 2016 elections, you so crazy. We’re just glad that Democrats, too, are feeling the Bern. As for Bennet, once again, he can run, but he cannot hide from his record of supporting socialized medicine. You’re welcome.