Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary would approve

Let’s just say that the Jeffco Democratic Party makes Hillary Clinton look like Mother Theresa. The internal corruption and rot is rampant in the Party, but the Dems’ most recent shenanigans are a bit much, even for them.

It would appear that the Jeffco Democratic Party has been having difficulty finding just the right person to run against incumbent Jeffco Commissioner Libby Szabo. So, they’re bending the rules and twisting themselves into knots to elect a chosen one, or at least, that’s the only thing we can surmise from recent activity.

Apparently, at the Jeffco Democratic Assembly on March 19, there were five people running for the seat. Two of those candidates made it through the assembly process. According to the Canyon Courier, two other didn’t meet the resident requirements and nobody knows what happened to the fifth. Then, in an amazingly coincidental turn of events, both of the candidates who made it through the Assembly process dropped out of the race after the Assembly.

Then, Jeffco Democrats held a vacancy committee to appoint someone to the ballot. Except that they forgot how to count. Apparently, they needed 235 for quorum, but only had 189 present (votes). Of course, Jeffco Democrats didn’t realize that until the media came a-knocking. At that meeting there were two candidates present – an unnamed man and Marti Smith. Random man received 52 votes and Smith received 137.

Because they didn’t have quorum, now the Jeffco Democrats tomorrow will hold another vote, but if they didn’t have quorum the first time with two candidates, it seems like an uphill battle to get 235 Democrats there for the second attempt. Plus, how irritated would you be if you showed up the first time, voted and then were told that you had to come back to vote again because #counting?

Nonetheless, all eyes are on tomorrow’s attempt to find someone – anyone – to put on the ballot against Szabo. Jeffco Democrats had better cross all t’s and dot all i’s this time around. It’s bad enough that Democratic voters feel disenfranchised by Hillary superdelegates. Now, the Jeffco Democratic Party is going to great lengths to handpick county commissioner candidates. How far will party bosses go to choose the “right” candidate for the job?