UPDATE: A judge has granted the stay until Wednesday to allow a determination about whether Blaha and Frazier’s signatures are valid.

Team Frazier and Team Blaha have joined together to ask that the Secretary of State not finalize the ballot and allow ample time for the campaigns to check the signatures. The measure was filed jointly by Blaha lawyer Michael Francisco of MRD Law. From a joint press release:

More Time

In addition, Team Frazier reportedly has hired former Secretary of State Scott Gessler to serve as legal counsel. As of this afternoon, neither team has formally submitted a legal challenge to the signatures themselves, but photos from Secretary of State flack Lynn Bartels showed the two campaigns reviewing signatures at the Secretary of State’s Office.

The ballots must technically be finalized today, but each campaign has five days to challenge the Secretary of State’s findings. Stay tuned, PeakNation™.