john-hickenlooper-2It’s one thing for Gov. Hickenlooper to bow to public opinion after months of pressure and announce that maybe it’s a bad thing if Guantanamo Bay is closed and detainees shipped to Colorado.

But now U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn is asking Hick to put his money where his mouth is and actually testify before Congress on the risk of sending prisoners here.

Lamborn issued a missive to Hick on Friday asking him to appear before a congressional panel and explain why he opposes President Obama’s plan.

“To better publicize the opposition to such transfers that we have in Colorado, I urge you to testify before Congress regarding the costs, risk and impacts such actions could have on the state of Colorado.”

We think Hick is bluffing, and doesn’t actually oppose Obama’s plan. But there’s one way he could prove us wrong, and that’s if Mr. Hick goes to Washington and testifies.