Cliff Willmeng, Boulder County fractivist, gives Colorado the middle finger

Cliff Willmeng, Boulder County fractivist, gives Colorado the middle finger

The Colorado Supreme Court has finally put frackivists in their place – by handing down a unanimous verdict that local control of the oil and gas industry is a no-go. This is a huge smackdown of fractivists’ irrational demands on the oil and gas industry, an industry that provides thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state. The legal strategy was led by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association which sued which sued the towns of Fort Collins and Longmont after each enacted a moratorium on fracking – also known as a ban.

COGA president Dan Haley praised the decision:

“COGA has always maintained that these bans on responsible oil and gas development are illegal, and we’re pleased that today the Colorado Supreme Court has agreed with us.  This is not just a win for the energy industry but for the people of Colorado who rely on affordable and dependable energy and a strong economy. It sends a strong message to anyone trying to drive this vital industry out of the state that those efforts will not be tolerated at any level.

“With this legal battle over, we look forward to working with Longmont, Fort Collins and other communities to find a balance that allows for responsible oil and gas development while respecting the rule of law and meeting the needs of local communities.”

The ruling effectively ends the local proxy war.  This effectively ends to local proxy war. After losing in Loveland in 2014, fractivists  probably wouldn’t have had much interest (read: resources) in going to more local ballots anyway. But now they don’t have a choice. A Supreme Court that never agrees on anything agrees on this much – the frack banners have lost their mind, don’t know the law, and can’t do what they so badly want to do.