GOP-logoAccording to Twitter, Republican U.S. Senate candidates Robert Blaha and Ryan Frazier will have their day in court tomorrow morning. The two campaigns are joining forces and have filed appeals to dispute the Secretary of State’s disqualification that is keeping both men off the ballot. The hearing will occur tomorrow at 9 a.m. While the ballots were supposed to be finalized last Friday, a judge allowed the Secretary of State another five days, until Wednesday, to sort out the signature questions.

Fellow Republican candidate Jon Keyser forged a path for them by successfully challenging tossed signatures in court. Keyser is joined on the ballot by Jack Graham, who also petitioned on, and Darryl Glenn, the only candidate to make it out of the State Assembly.

Keyser also appears to have some fans at ProgressNow. The uber-lefty organization is planning a press conference to “reveal” other invalid signatures because, apparently, the thought of Keyser on the ballot makes ProgressNow’s heads explode. Of course, ProgressNow has had a spotty history of successful press conferences. You may recall the press conference where ProgressNow and their liberal friends unsuccessfully tried to blame the “hate speech” (known within every other group as policy disagreement) by the GOP for the psycho who shot people in Colorado Springs, several of them in a Planned Parenthood.

That press conference was a huge flop. In fact, it was totally embarrassing.  We can only imagine what steaming pile of mess this new press conference will be. Stay tuned, PeakNation™, the 2016 election season is just getting ramped up.