GOP-logoToday was the day that Republican U.S. Senate candidates Ryan Frazier and Robert Blaha argued that the mistakes made on their signatures submitted to get on the ballot were minor and that they should be placed on the ballot, similar to fellow GOP U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser. Because the mistakes were minor, the two campaigns argued that the Secretary of State should not disenfranchise signers by booting Blaha and Frazier.

Blaha’s spokesperson Katey Price said in a statement:

“Thousands of Coloradans expressed an interest in seeing Robert Blaha on the ballot this June, and their voices should be heard.”

The judge must make a determination quickly because the Secretary of State only has until tomorrow to get the ballot squared away for the June primary. Unless the SOS filed for another extension, which we assume the office could do.

Blaha and Frazier would join Keyser, who collected signatures as did Jack Graham. Darryl Glenn secured his spot on the ballot via the State Assembly.

No shortage of excitement in the GOP primary here, folks. Stay tuned.