GOP-logoWith Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz dropping out last night after a crushing defeat and Ohio Governor John Kasich dropping out this morning, it leaves but one man standing. Love it or hate it, it’s Donald J. Trump. That begs the question – now that he’s the one (at least, barring shenanigans at the Republican National Convention), what happened to the sloppy #nevertrump tweeter?

The last we heard, the Colorado GOP called for the tweeter to turn himself in or the Colorado GOP would subpoena the IP address of the rogue tweeter from Twitter and hold the tweeter responsible for legal bills. We assume, since we have not yet heard that the Trump hater had turned himself in, that he is still at large and, hopefully, saving for legal expenses.

We checked in with the Colorado GOP to see where they were in the process and there is no public update yet, but assured us they’d keep us posted. Either way, it looks like the rogue tweeter was suffering from a case of premature exclamation when he typed, “we did it”.