Earlier today on 850KOA, Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper verbally shrugged and told listeners that he really does not understand the Trump Phenomenon.

Of course he doesn’t. He was born to an upper middle class family and attended the best schools. In short, he’s never truly had to fight just to keep his head above water. Let’s recap Hick’s experiences, shall we? He grew up in an “old money” Bryn Mawr neighborhood in Philadelphia next door to a soap opera star. He attended, Haverford, a prestigious prep school and went on to attend one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, Wesleyan University. That’s not to knock great education. It’s to say, when he says he doesn’t understand, it’s because he doesn’t understand the angst of the common man.

Sure, he’s been scrappy in an election or two, but that’s vastly different from blue collar workers who are worried about keeping their jobs and houses. Love Trump or hate him, those are the very people that Trump appeals to.

The dichotomy between Hick and Trump is not just ideological, but in leadership style as well. Where Hickenlooper has been wishy-washy and grapples with taking a hard stance on tough issues, Trump has been fairly clear where he stands and challenges those around him to get on board.  So, when Hick says he doesn’t get Trump, believe him. Hick really doesn’t “get” the common man nor does he possess strong leadership skills.