A recent report done by the Colorado Health Institute on the cost of Amendment 69, which would establish a single payer healthcare system in Colorado, asserted: “If it were a private company, ColoradoCare would rank about 80th in the Fortune 500, just behind New York Life Insurance and ahead of well-known companies such as American Express, Twenty First Century Fox, 3M, Sears, Nike and McDonald’s.”

The thought of such a bureaucratic behemoth sounds frightening, and to think it would bring in more revenue than many of America’s largest companies sounds crazy. But what’s scary is that it’s actually not crazy. PolitiFact did it’s own analysis of the claim, rating it “mostly true.”

No wonder a bipartisan slew of state leaders has already lined up against the measure. Notably, the list of opponents includes state Treasurer Walker Stapleton, who led the charge against Amendment 66, a $1 billion tax increase that went down in flames in 2013. We can only hope Amendment 69 meets the same fate.