Alliance EmailA reader tipped us off that there was a contingent of anti-charter school districts working to kill bills that would benefit charter schools, and, then, we got an email from a lobbyist to a group of school district officials plotting against charters. Wow. These school districts do realize that charter schools are public schools, too, and that they are part of their district, right?

The email went out to a group the lobbyists called the Alliance, which included representatives from the following school districts: Woodland Park School District, Fountain Fort Carson School District, Cheyenne Mountain School District, Denver Public Schools, Canon City Schools, Lewis Palmer School District, Academy District 20, Widefield School District 3, Pueblo City Schools, Cripple Creek-Victor Schools, Manitou Springs School District, and Harrison 2 School District.

It’s worth noting that some of these schools have terrible academic records and would likely benefit from the additional choice that charter schools offer. Additionally, the email reads:

“While expected, the vote was disappointing. The margins of support, particularly among Democrats, was higher than hoped and makes it more challenging to kill the bills in the House.”

Actually, what is disappointing is the idea that school districts are colluding to diminish resources for the schools in their own districts. The bills they were hoping to kill are SB16-187, which would have brought additional resources into charter school classrooms and SB16-188, which would have equalized funding for charter schools.  This move against charter schools has the potential to strip parents of choice and cripple the very schools that are helping kids grow and thrive in our state.

It’s no surprise that Sen. “There’s a Special Place in Hell for Charter Schools” Merrifield would have opposed it, but we just want to know what the hell these school districts were thinking.

And, in case you wondered what the Alliance is planning next, here you go:

“As discussed at our last Alliance meeting, we need a solid turnout of testimony for the Education hearing. The point to make is that decisions on charters are best left at the local level as every situation is unique – and to convey those situations directly from district leadership.

“Please plan for this date on your calendars and let us know who from your district is available for testimony.

“Additionally, media outreach would be helpful to push back in the Equity argument that seems to be going such traction with legislators.

“To frame the argument to the public, would members be willing to submit an Op-Ed as the Alliance outlining our concerns with the bills?”

We look forward to school districts arguing against funding public schools equitably. Please carry on.