Sen. Michael Bennet was one of the deciding votes on Obamacare, the costly and destructive legislation that has limited access, increased costs, and lowered quality for our healthcare. Given his involvement in the legislation, you would think he would have an answer on how to fix the problem that he helped cause. You would be wrong.

In a Grand Junction Sentinel editorial board meeting on Friday, here’s what Bennet said about the rising healthcare costs in Grand Junction, according to the article resulting from the meeting:

“Fixing the act, frequently referred to as Obamacare, is next to impossible in the politically charged atmosphere in Washington, D.C., in which Democrats refuse to change it at all and Republicans want to toss it wholesale, Bennet said.

“Grand Junction, which was touted as having some of the lowest Medicare costs, also has some of the highest health care costs overall, according to a database study of spending by insurance plans.

“Resolving such issues is no clear task, Bennet said.

“‘I don’t have answers for Grand Junction, but I’m aware of the problem,’ he said.”

Basically, Bennet got Colorado into this mess, but is out of ideas in getting us out of this mess. Well, that inspires confidence. As if Bennet’s performance wasn’t bad enough, the Grand Junction Sentinel appears to have changed its headline associated with the Bennet dumpster fire of an ed board interview. See below.

Daily Sentinel

Initially, the headline read: Sen. Bennet knows our issues, has no answers. Pretty tough headline for an incumbent. Now, the online version of the piece reads: Sen. Bennet sheds light on local issues in GJ visit. This is an incredibly watered down version of the original. The GJ Sentinel forgot one thing, though – it forgot to change the URL, which still reads: (The Peak‘s emphasis)

Once again, this is the reason that people do not trust the media. Why was this change made? Did Sen. Bennet’s team call and throw a fit? More importantly, why doesn’t Bennet have a solution to clean up the mess that he made?