220px-RyanFrazierEarlier this week, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ryan Frazier appealed a judge’s decision that left him signatures short in his bid to access the Colorado GOP primary ballot on June 28. According to the appeal, there were three issues at play – four signatures that should have been included, James Day’s 45 signatures, and 51 signatures. one of the big issues is whether the signatures collected by James Day should count towards Frazier’s signatures to get on the ballot.

The issue with Day’s signatures is that he was registered to vote in the right district, but left off his apartment number. The county clerk canceled his voter registration without his knowledge, leading him to be ineligible to collect signatures according to current law.

Team Frazier argues that the campaign substantially complied with the law. Frazier also wrote an op-ed that ran in the Aurora Sentinel about the broken system, which is a fair critique. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s time to fix a broken system that restricts the voices of Colorado voters. As I’m learning firsthand, registered voters are being unnecessarily invalidated by outdated state rules that exclude — not include — more of us from the election process. We can and must do better.”

So far, there is no word on when Frazier will have his day in court. But stay tuned.