DemocratsDing dong, the deal is dead in the state legislature to create a last-minute presidential primary we won’t need for another four years.

The deeply flawed Democrat measure fell apart in the Senate, thankfully, because it wasn’t the answer to complaints this year about Colorado’s political process.

If we’re going to return to the party primary system, then let’s do that, not create an entirely new game allowing massive interference by saboteurs, which the Democrat bill sought to achieve.

The AP reports that, “Democrats scoffed at the delay,” but we have four years to get it right and we need to get it right.

“The general public needs time to understand all the ramifications,” said Se. Ray Scott, R-Grand Junctions.

Having failed in the state legislature, Democrats are busily disguising themselves as a group of concerned citizens to collect 100,000 signatures for a ballot measure to get their plan before the voters.

It’s a sneaky sell, telling voters who wish to remain independent of either party to now get involved in the party’s political process.

But Democrats should take this as a warning; if you’re so desperate to interfere in the process of choosing Republican nominees, don’t forget that mayhem can go both ways.

If Colorado had an open primary this year, rest assured there would have been no misunderstanding that the Democratic standard-bearer Hillary Clinton would have lost.
Just because a few don’t like the outcome, is no reason to strip a political party’s right to choose their own nominee.