bennet capitolWhile Colorado Democrats have convinced some gullible members of the media that there’s a crisis in the GOP U.S. Senate race, they’re really hoping you don’t notice that their candidate sh!t the bed this week. Not only did embattled incumbent U.S. Senator Michael Bennet tell an editorial board that he has no answers for how to solve Obamacare, a program that he is responsible for enacting, but he said that Colorado should go carbon neutral. From the Grand Junction Sentinel:

“We have to get to neutral” in terms of carbon emissions, he said.

“What we want is tax incentives for clean energy, whatever the source is,” Bennet said.

Yes, he said that about this Colorado. The state that has robust oil and gas reserves. Perhaps more shockingly, Bennet said this to the Grand Junction Sentinel, a newspaper based in an area whose economy is supported by oil and gas development.

So, to put this in perspective, Bennet wants to decimate Colorado’s economy by going “carbon neutral” and has no way to fix the Obamacare boondoggle he’s gotten us in. Pay no attention to the temper tantrums that the left is throwing over procedural minutiae about signature fraud which they consistently claim doesn’t exist otherwise. The real problem here is that their faltering U.S. Senate candidate just tripped and fell on his face this week. And the left is desperate to do something – anything – to distract from the hundreds of thousands of people that he’s alienated.