Hickenlooper ToastThe Hill had a charming story about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s potential Vice President pick and who should show up on that list but Colorado governor John Hickenlooper. It’s not entirely shocking, but what’s more surprising is that former U.S. Senator and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar wasn’t on the list. We have been hearing rumors for some time that he was near the top of the list.

Too bad, Secretary Salazar. Maybe the next article will include you. Regardless, this is what The Hill said about Hick:

“Some in Clintonworld say the Colorado governor’s name should be on any short list.

“For starters, a win in Colorado would cement the race for Clinton.

“Hickenlooper has also been a loyal soldier to Clinton during the primary, particularly when his state voted for Sanders by nearly 20 percentage points.

“Clinton and Hickenlooper spent time together in April when she attended a fundraiser at his home.

“Insiders say if he doesn’t get a nod for VP, Clinton will likely consider him for a cabinet position, should she be elected.”

Let’s be frank, every party in every state always thinks that their top elected official is always somehow a VP possibility. So, he’s not going to be VP. So, we think the best cabinet position for Governor Hickenlooper would be Secretary of the Interior (of a Beer Glass).