squirrelThe Daily Camera has obtained the letter that was being distributed by a local animal lover explaining his love for squirrels, that sparked an argument whereby he shot a neighbor in the a$$ and was promptly arrested.

The self-proclaimed “Squirrel Guy” said he had been distributing pounds of peanuts throughout a park in Gunbarrel for the past year as a way of communing with the spirits of his dead parents.

“My parents were great animal lovers and have shown themselves to me through the squirrels in the area.”

The Squirrel Guy says that “haters” in the neighborhood, which may include the guy he shot in the a$$, were spreading lies and innuendos about his activities to force him to stop.

Just prior to last week’s shooting, The Squirrel Guy was passing out the letter to his neighbors. It explained:

“If there is any continued harassment, slander, bullying or character assassination of myself or my partner it will be handled through appropriate civil and/or criminal processes.”

It was the distribution of that letter to one neighbor that led to the confrontation, accusations of “white trash,” and a shot fired into the neighbor’s a$$.

The distribution of peanuts was alarming to The Squirrel Guy’s neighbors, because children might have an allergic reaction to nuts, which clearly have no place in nature just scattered about on the ground.

The Squirrel Guy has been released on bond, but has been prohibited by authorities from returning to his home in the Willowbrook neighborhood.