vegas-no-cashEmployees of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee should avoid the gaming tables in Vegas because they have a terrible record when it comes to picking winners.

In the 2014 congressional races, their record of choosing candidates they expected to snatch seats from Republicans was a dismal 4-36. In the 2012 election, it was 7-23.

But weak odds that didn’t stop former state Sen. Gail Schwartz from bragging that she is now on one of those lists to nowhere.

According to the Colorado Independent, Schwartz said that as one of 14 candidates who have graduated from the list of “emerging” races to “red to blue” candidates, it “adds to our momentum in working to unseat Congressman Tipton.”

If by momentum she means it gave her campaign an excuse to write a press release, she is correct. If she’s picking out new curtains for Tipton’s Washington office, she should probably hold off on making a down payment.