Liberal Congressional candidate Morgan Carroll is in hiding (as usual). This time, she’s hiding from the Democrats’ attempts to silence the grassroots in the Presidential campaign. If you remember, PeakNation™, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in Colorado 58.97% to 40.32%, BUT Hillary took the majority of the delegates. We think. Or did the Colorado Democratic Party just give them to her through funny math?  We can’t remember.

Nonetheless, Carroll refuses to reveal who her horse is. Who could blame her? If she supports Hillary, she risks alienating all the Bernie supporters. If she supports Bernie, she risks losing establishment support she needs for infrastructure and fundraising. Oh what to do? But Democrats here in Colorado deserve to know where she stands. That’s where the National Republican Congressional Committee comes in. The group has sent out a robocall asking Colorado voters to demand an answer from Carroll. Take a listen:

Transcript of the call:

“Hi, this is Karen, calling on behalf of the NRCC. The primary race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is headed to a contested convention, where it will be decided to Democratic Party insiders who are not bound to honor the choice of voters like you. Colorado voters deserve to know where party insiders like Morgan Carroll stands, but Morgan Carroll has refused to tell us whether she supports Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton…. The Democratic nominee for President should represent the values of Colorado Democrats, not party insiders.”

This isn’t the first time that Carroll hid from Colorado voters. She hid after the 2014 elections when her party suffered devastating losses. She dodged questions on Gitmo, on the Iran Deal. Other than birth control and issues that benefit her very own trial lawyer industry, it’s unclear which issues Carroll will admit she supports.