bennet capitolAnother day, another one of U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s base is saying nyet to supporting him. This time, the AFL-CIO, a powerful union, is refusing to endorse the embattled Senator. The group claims it’s a result of Bennet’s support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. According to the Denver Post:

“Sam Gilchrist, executive director of the Colorado AFL-CIO, said the vote on Bennet was close, but that he fell short of the required two-thirds majority needed for an endorsement because too many union members were unhappy with Bennet’s support of a measure last year that gives the White House more power to cut international trade deals.”

In case Bennet would try to spin this as an “I’m not beholden to special interests” play, here’s the problem. The teachers union is avoiding Bennet and, now the AFL-CIO is avoiding him. That means that the boots on the ground that he needs to win has suddenly dried up. That’s a big problem for a Democrat.

And Bennet is no independent thinker. Remember, he voted with Obama 100% of the time in 2014.

This is just another proof point that Bennet’s campaign is in serious trouble. If the unions won’t support him, who will?