220px-Cory_Gardner,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressU.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is attaching legislative language to pretty much every relevant bill he can find to stop the transfer of terrorist detainees from Gitmo to Colorado.

We respect that.

This week the target is the defense spending authorization bill for the 2017 fiscal year, which actually allows the use of taxpayer dollars to aid in a future relocation.

Gardner’s amendment prohibits the Pentagon from using any resources to assist in the transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees to any alternative location.

“It’s outrageous that the National Defense Authorization Act would give the Obama administration the means to assist in the transfer of Guantanamo Bay detainees to the United States, a move that is rejected by Coloradans and Americans across the country,” said Gardner.

Last week, Gardner introduced an amendment to a transportation funding measure to block the use of funds for a Gitmo transfer. He introduced a bill to prevent the transfer or release to other countries, especially those that are state sponsors of terrorism. Gardner authored a resolution in March rejecting Obama’s plan to transfer detainees to the U.S. and cosponsored a bill to block the president from cancelling the lease on Gitmo without congressional approval.

That’s one tenacious senator we have representing Coloradans. Gardner certainly has his hands full making up for the lack of action from that other senator, Micheal Bennet, who is so busy changing his mind about his position on whether Gitmo should remain open or closed, he can’t lift a finger to actually do anything.

Gardner makes no bones about it. His mission is to deny President Obama any opportunity to fulfill the president’s campaign promise to close the camp and move detainees stateside where they would enjoy all the perks of the American judicial system.

We respect that mission.