While cruising Facebook, we noticed something very odd. Not only was ABC-affiliated Denver Channel 7 crowing about it’s “discovery” that there were forged signatures on Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser and State Senate candidate Jim Smallwood’s petitions, but the news channel was “sponsoring” the posts. See below.


Look, we get that the Facebook algorithm is so screwed up that companies and organizations literally have to pay money to reach the audience that they paid money to recruit. It’s effed up. But it’s a bit unseemly for a news outlet, that is not supposed to have any partisan leanings, to pay to promote a story that is so obviously negative against a candidate.┬áThe Peak has a clear ideological bent, but should Channel 7 have some kind of unbiased journalistic standard that would preclude the news channel from sponsoring posts that are clearly against specific candidates? Just seems a bit shady.