road_work_aheadWe’ve seen environmentalists engage in some bizarre back-door attempts to stop energy development, progress of any kind really, but their latest target beats all — they’re demanding we stop building roads.

Their target is the I-70 corridor between I-25 and Tower Road. Their excuse for not wanting approval to go through this summer, they claim it will create environmental destruction and climate change, and economic havoc on poor people.

They don’t want folks to have a safe or convenient route to work or school, they don’t want consumer products coming through on trucks, and they don’t want poor people to have roads because rich people drive too.

Anthony Foxx, secretary of the U.S. Transportation Committee, was in Denver last week to participate in a roundtable discussion with local officials and to hear all sides, while a dozen protestors picketed the meeting outside of the Mile High United Way.

What did Foxx hear at the meeting?

Still, much more must be done to provide access for students, disabled, elderly and the working poor, participants told Foxx.

You know what makes for really good access for everyone? Roads.

Honestly, the only thing keeping the envirowhackies from protesting the construction of new airports is that Leo DiCaprio needs his jets to fly around the globe to warn others of the dangers of climate change.