220px-RyanFrazierAccording to a tweet by Lynn Bartels, communication director at the Secretary of State’s office, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ryan Frazier is back in the game, thanks to legal maneuvering by former Secretary of State Scott Gessler. In response to the ruling, which allows the votes cast in the June primary to count, Frazier said:

“My fight was Colorado’s fight against lazy liberal policies of Michael Bennet.”

OK then.

An earlier ruling allowed Frazier’s name to appear on the ballot, but stipulated that if the signatures remained invalid, his votes would not count. Now, his votes count and his name is on the ballot. The real question is whether all this noise will allow Frazier to build a winning team and campaign for the June primary. Ballots drop in just a few weeks and name ID for Frazier (and, let’s be real, all of the U.S. Senate candidates) is low.

The other candidates in the race include: El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn, former State Rep. Jon Keyser, Businessman Robert Blaha, and former CSU Athletic Director Jack Graham.

Congratulations to Team Frazier and Gessler for a battle fought hard.