Robert Blaha

Robert Blaha

U.S. Senate candidate Robert Blaha announced that he has hired Joe Neville as a campaign manager and Joe’s dad, Sen. Tim Neville as an endorser. The move comes after a shake-up in the Blaha campaign that saw Katey Price moving on. Joe Neville most recently ran his father Tim Neville’s U.S. Senate campaign, but is perhaps best known as the former lobbyist for the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.

Sen. Tim Neville, who did not make the primary ballot via the Republican State Assembly, has thrown his weight behind Blaha. Because Blaha did not go through the caucus process, Neville(squared) backing could be helpful in recruiting some of the GOP’s most ardent activists to help with Blaha’s effort, but time is running short as ballots drop on June 6 and the primary election is on June 28.

Here is a snippet from Neville the Elder’s endorsement:

In 2016, it is important that we elect a U.S. Senator to represent the people of Colorado who will do more than just give speeches and mouth the usual platitudes.

“We need a U.S. Senator who will stand up to not only the liberal policies that are destroying our country but also to the power brokers and elitist cronies in both parties who are all too willing to grow the size and scope of government in our lives.”

We will keep you posted, PeakNationā„¢, on any updates as the U.S. Senate GOP primary heats up.