Memorial Day weekend is approaching and that means thousands of people at DIA will be pulling their hair out trying to pass through TSA security before the weekend is over, and possibly even make their flight.

While TSA and DIA are struggling to find short-term answers to the ridiculous wait times, folks in Congress are looking at some long term solutions.

Well, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner is looking at a solution. That other Senator, Michael Bennet, is just trying to look busy.


Gardner’s bill introduced yesterday creates two pilot programs for new and innovative screening measures to speed the process.

“I share frustration with Coloradans about growing security lines at airports across the country,” said Gardner.

A few hours later, Bennet shared with his Facebook page that he’s frustrated he won’t win reelection so he’s grasping at straws to look like a leader and bragging about a bill he introduced last month that has nothing to do with long TSA security lines.

Colorado families are making summer travel plans, and many will travel by air. Our LIFT Act would help ease the pain by ensuring kids can sit with their parents at no extra charge, keeping parents and kids together during security screening, and allowing pregnant women to pre-board.

That’s not going to help us make our flight, or cut our three-hour wait time in line, but bless Bennet’s heart, at least he’s aware there is a problem with TSA, if not the right one.