democrat-republicanMichael Bennet has a new campaign slogan: I’m Cory’s Friend, Vote for Me!

We’ve noticed this campaign strategy evolving since last year, when the unpopular Democratic senator started tagging along with our favorite Republican Senator Cory Gardner everywhere he went, and copying his legislative efforts.

Now, Valerie Richardson of The Washington Times points out that Bennet has made the campaign tactic official with his reelection ad.

“I’m working with Cory Gardner to force senators to stay in Washington if another government shutdown seems possible,” said Mr. Bennet in a recently released television ad airing in Colorado media markets.

His campaign website highlights his ties to Mr. Gardner as well as Republican Rep. Scott Tipton while emphasizing that the Democrat “isn’t afraid to take on his own party.”

“Michael is working with Republican Sen. Cory Gardner to reform outdated tax provisions hindering investment in water and irrigation infrastructure,” says the Bennet for Colorado website.

It’s not exactly a cozy relationship. As Richardson points out, Bennet did everything in his power two years to sink Gardner’s candidacy when he turned his war against women weapon on the Republican in order to defend Mark Udall’s seat.

The effort failed miserably, so now Bennet has switched tactics, running instead as Gardner and Rep. Scott Tipton’s BFF.

If Coloradans want more representatives in Washington like they have in Gardner and Tipton, electing a GOP-wannabe is not the answer. Vote Republican, instead.