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UPDATE: Colorado Concern executive director Mike Kopp told the Denver Business Journal:

“It is good news that this campaign to remove Councilwoman Jan Kulmann from office — based on a mere difference of opinion — has failed to gather sufficient signatures.

“Thornton voters clearly saw this campaign for what it was: an attempt by a band of polarizing activists to intimidate elected leaders who would not adopt their narrow anti-energy scheme. It was a clear effort to tell elected leaders across the state that they must bend to this economically damaging agenda or face ouster.”

Last night, the clock ran out on extreme greenies who had hoped to recall Thornton city councilwoman Jan Kulmann because she had the terrible “misfortune” to work for an oil and gas company, and serve as a member of the city council. North Metro Neighbors for Safe Energy had until 5:00 p.m. to submit signatures to force a recall of Kulmann and did not submit any. This is just the latest in a series of setbacks for fractivists in Colorado, with the most visible being the Longmont lawsuit victory for the oil and gas industry.

The Kulmann recall attempt was a farce and, fortunately, the people of Thornton recognized it. A loyal reader sent us a Facebook post that Dave Kulmann, husband of Jan Kulmann, posted on his Facebook page.

“Dear Ward 4 Thornton Residents (and friends), I want to thank my fellow Ward 4 Thornton residents who, in great numbers, refused to sign a divisive and politically motivated recall petition against my wife, who is on the Thornton City Council. Today at 5PM was the deadline for the Recall Supporters to turn in the required number of signatures. They failed to do so and in fact have been silent on the topic for the past 3-4 weeks which is a testament to the struggles they had to gather signatures because Ward 4 residents saw through their lies and bullying tactics. Several of you helped Jan in many ways. You donated money, made public comments in support of Jan, wrote letters to the editor, walked neighborhoods, attended events, designed fliers, posted on social media in defense of Jan and the truth, and spread the truth to your neighbors and friends. I personally thank all of you for your time and help and I will not forget what you all did to help. Thanks all!!!!!”

This is just another huge win not only for Kulmann, not only for the oil and gas industry, but the people of Colorado who depend on inexpensive oil and gas to heat their homes, drive their cars and otherwise fuel their lives. The losers in this equation are the extreme environmentalist bullies. Everyone loves when the good guy (or gal) wins.