colorado_logoProgressNow perpetual intern, Alan Franklin, is having a bad week. First, ProgressNow’s publicity stunt of a lawsuit against Keyser fell flat (as ProgressNow’s publicity stunts always do), now ProgressNow named a new executive director and it’s not Franklin. It’s Ian Silverii.

It’s like an arms race between Franklin and Rep. Jared Polis to see who can be passed over for leadership roles more times. Here’s what Franklin said about his new boss (we assume through clenched teeth):

“’As Colorado’s first line of defense against radical political extremism, and as the state’s largest progressive rapid response team, we’re very excited to get to work with Ian Silverii,’ ProgressNow Colorado political director Alan Franklin said in a statement.”

That Franklin thinks ProgressNow is a defense against (not a perpetrator of) political extremism is laughable. Perhaps that’s why ProgressNow picked the adult in the room. But not by much. Silverii is best known for dating Rep. Brittany Pettersen working for Speaker Dickie Lee Hullinghorst, who is best known for being impossible to work with.

Better luck next time, Alan.