Sen. Bennet wants EPA to regulate this ditch.

Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court, landowners don’t have to sit out two years of bureaucratic bumbling before they can sue the government for blocking development near prairie potholes, mudflats, sandflats or wet meadows.

The Supreme Court, which Democrats predicted would come to a standstill without a new Obama nominee, unanimously decided in its infinite wisdom that folks don’t have to wait until the permit process is complete to challenge the government’s decision that their mud puddle in Colorado will eventually make it’s way to the Pacific Ocean, and is therefore regulated under the bogus Waters of the U.S. Rule.

Double take that, Democrats.

This is a huge victory for Colorado, where homebuilders and other developers and industry would spend more than a quarter-million dollars for a permit to discharge runoff or pollutants into a puddle. If the permit is going to be denied because the puddles are part of the Pacific, there’s no sense in spending all that money and wait until after the permitting process is completed before suing.

Thanks to the Supremes, we can challenge the Waters of the U.S. declaration in court before emptying our wallets.