Over the weekend, VP-wannabe and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Hillary Clinton would be treated differently if she were a man. See the clip below:


“…she said she made a mistake. Let’s move on. I think she’s probably the most prepared person to run for high political office in this country in several decades. Some people say, and you know, you’d have to look at it, if she was a man, all thus stuff wouldn’t be the same level. There’s an awful lot of criticism being used, I mean literally millions of dollars in criticism against her every week over things that if she were a man wouldn’t be brought up like that.

“…No, it doesn’t, but it points out that previous secretaries of state had done roughly the same thing, had used their own servers like Colin Powell, and no one had come out officially at the time and said that this is a bad precedent.”

Is there no limit to the depths to which Hick will sink in order to scream to the world, “Pick Me! Pick Me!” for the vice-presidency slot?  (Hint: Hick will not be the vice president.) We don’t dislike Hillary because she’s a woman. We dislike her because she’s a liar. Because she used her position to rake in millions of dollars in exchange for doing favors for foreign governments and officials. Because she crucified her husband’s victims in the media and destroyed their lives.

Yes, there are a lot of reasons to lambaste Hillary. But not one of them is because she’s a woman.