magnifying-glass-detective-9875_0dc4603c0e0b7dfe4515c58822eb8ccaDemocrats think the GOP is falling apart because there are several candidates running for the nomination to challenge U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.

What we see is a healthy party with lots of qualified candidates to beat the Democrat.
Democrats say their incumbent has millions of dollars in the bank he’s raised from special interest groups on Wall Street.

Just wait. Cory Gardner raised millions from Coloradans in record time to defeat former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, and in-state Republicans are lining up to throw money at the eventual nominee in order to get rid of Bennet, and keep the Senate in GOP control as a bonus.

Democrats say they aren’t worried about any of the GOP candidates.

Yet The Gazette says Democratic operatives are stalking candidate Darryl Glenn because, you know, no threat:

A Democrat political tracker — an opposition party henchman trying to catch political faux pas on camera — crashed a small neighborhood meet-and-greet for Darryl Glenn earlier this month. The man stood obtrusively in the middle of the living room with a small camera recording Glenn’s conversations.

The man was asked to leave – and did so without incident. But the fact he was dispatched to a small event for Glenn represents a recent and seismic shift in Colorado’s Republican U.S. Senate primary race.

Now the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is filing open-records requests for Glenn’s voting record and email correspondence for his time on the El Paso County commission, as well as seeking his correspondence with the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

Far from viewing GOP contenders as easy pickings, Democrats are downright creepy in the seriousness with which they are taking the Republican challengers to Bennet’s throne, which also includes former Colorado State University athletic director Graham, Colorado Springs businessman Blaha, former Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier and former state Rep. Jon Keyser.