speechFreedom of speech has come to an end at the Boulder Daily Camera, where executive editor Kevin Kaufman announced this week that comments will no longer be allowed on their website.

The vast majority of the time, the comments are dominated by a small group of people, most posting anonymously, and who, frankly, tend to simply shout down or ridicule any opposing view. Commonly, our comments sections are filled with vitriol, personal attacks, profanity, and angry and hateful speech — and worse, unfortunately.

Oddly enough, that sounds just like the actual editorial product they produce.

But that’s no longer acceptable, so the Camera has instituted its own virtual space safe, except for protecting free thinkers from the media, they are protecting the media from free thinkers.

The Camera denies this is a move to censor speech and insists they still want to hear from readers, they just don’t want the public to know what readers think, cause transparency. So, if you have an opinion, send a letter to the dinosaur. If you need a correction, call. If you have a news tip, call or email.

If you have a comment about the no comment policy, keep it to yourself.