Jared Polis Bloody NoseNothing says “you suck at your job” for a politician, more than folks lining up to run against you and kick your bum butt out of office.

Just ask U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who is being challenged by third party and Republican candidates, as well as a write-in campaign to boot him out of the Democratic Primary.

The Times-Call offers step-by-step instructions to depose Polis and instead elect Steven Todd, a retired small business owner, through the write-in ballot.

Democrat Todd says he’s running against Democrat Polis because the five-term incumbent supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, an issue troubling Boulderites because they don’t have enough first-world problems, and because Polis is not strong enough against fracking.

Todd said another issue motivating him is the need for the Congress to address what he said is “a rigged economy, where instead of prosperity being shared equally, it’s going to the 1 percent,” wealthy Americans.

No doubt about it, Polis is one of those one percenters, and his constituents are demanding he share his wealth and his congressional office.

Also running against Polis is our old friend Cliff Willmeng who is representing the Green Party, Richard Longstreth is the Libertarian Party’s candidate, and Republican Nick Morse.