Hillary's new running mate?

It’s true that we haven’t ever always agreed with Governor Hickenlooper on policy, but the one thing we hate more than bad policy is obnoxious protesters. Last night the Governor schlepped up to Boulder for a book signing of his new book, “The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics”. While a book signing sounds like a snooze-fest, this particular event was anything but as anti-fracking protesters from the Colorado Community Rights Network forced a venue change and inspired disgust even among the liberal Boulder crowd.

From the Daily Camera report on the event:

“Two themes emerged among the remaining audience members: Nearly everyone expressed that they found the protesters’ behavior disrespectful — not only of the governor, but of the audience members.

“‘Counterproductive,’ ‘Ripped off,’ ‘You’re hurting your cause,’ ‘Acting like 10-year-old kids,’ and ‘We have rights too’ were sentiments held in common.”

Attendees of the book signing paid $10 per person to attend in addition (we assume) to the cost of the book. In addition to the rudeness of it all, the protesters actually got violent as a clash between a protester and an attendee resulted in a projectile cell phone and a tickets for the two women. In fact, the events left book signing organizers in awe.

From the Daily Camera:

“Stephanie Schindhelm, marketing and promotions manager for the bookstore, has been in her position for five years and said she has never seen anything like Wednesday night’s event.”

Hey fractivists, if you’re shocking even the Boulder natives who should be your allies, you’re doing it wrong.